Anthony is a visionary and creative entrepreneur.


He comes in quite handy when it comes to lifting the heavy stuff, so we often put him in charge of vacuuming! He is also responsible for strategic business planning, market research, inventory control, purchasing, and keeping the peace on our team!


Anthony almost went to culinary school but changed it up at the last minute and pursued certification in HVAC where he worked for a couple years before starting his own cleaning company. Nonetheless the skills and experience he picked up in the trade makes him even more valuable as a business partner.  


Anthony still loves to cook, and he continually improves on his recipes. Anthony loves his German Shepherd Dog, Sir Winston Ruger Duke, who is of the Panda variety (a very rare coloring). He is also an avid weightlifter and is passionate about making healthy life choices. Some of Anthony's most endearing qualities, however, are his merciful kindness and abundantly generous heart which are deeply rooted in his love of God and his mature faithful spirituality.

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