Enhance your cleaning experience with Squeaky Clean NEO's add-on services. Add-ons let you customize your clean for a personalized touch, ensuring your space shines just the way you want it.

Window Cleaning:

   Elevate your view with our comprehensive Inside Window Cleaning add-on. Our team not only ensures streak-free, crystal-clear glass but also pays attention to detail by cleaning the window frames. We go the extra mile by opening the windows to clean the sills, leaving your windows spotless and your living space brighter.

Inside Refrigerator:
Revitalize your kitchen with our Inside Refrigerator Cleaning add-on. Our team will thoroughly clean and sanitize the interior, ensuring a fresh and organized space for your food storage. Say goodbye to spills and expired items, and hello to a pristine refrigerator that complements your clean home.

Inside Oven:

Transform your kitchen with our Inside Oven Cleaning add-on. Our cleaners go beyond the surface, ensuring a thorough cleaning and degreasing of the oven's interior. Say farewell to built-up grime and hello to a sparkling, ready-for-action oven. 

Inside Cupboards Cleaning:

   Maximize your storage space with our Inside Cupboards Cleaning add-on. Tidying and sanitizing the insides of your cupboards is automatically included in our Move In/Out Clean service, ensuring a clean and orderly home for your essentials.

Basement Cleaning:

   Choose our Basement Cleaning add-on for a comprehensive refresh of your finished basement. Ideal for creating a welcoming and organized space, our team tackles dust, cobwebs, and clutter, ensuring your basement is ready for use. Please note that this service is intended for finished basements to provide a thorough cleaning experience.

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