Have you ever stopped to consider the last time you (fill in the blank)? It could be the last time you swam in the ocean or the last time you picked up and carried your child who is now an adult, or maybe it was the last time you ate dinner with your grandma. It is something that, once you stop to consider, could really take you on a journey in your mind. Everything we have ever done had a first time and it will also have a last time

Usually, we consider, celebrate, and remember the first time. I vividly recall the first time my son got on the school bus. It was his first day of kindergarten. It was a sunny morning and he looked adorable standing at the foot of his babysitter’s driveway with his friends. He was brave and happy. He had on a red sweater. When the bus stopped and the doors opened, we were greeted by a very kind bus driver with a warm and friendly smile. My son navigated the giant bus steps and once seated he looked out his window and waved. That was 15 years ago but it might as well have been yesterday.

What I don’t remember is the last time he rode the bus. I remember driving him to elementary school, and waiting in the car line so it had to be when he was quite young, but I don’t remember that day, that very last time. It was probably the last day of the school year. At the time, because of my work schedule, his older sister would get him off the bus and walk him down the street to our home and so likely she is the one who actually experienced that last day ever on the school bus with him. Most likely she also didn’t realize it was the very last time.

I never thought about it being his last time on the school bus. I’m sure we celebrated his last day of that school year singing the “No more teachers, no more books song” and welcomed in another summertime but we probably thought he would be riding the school bus on the first day of the next school year, only he didn’t.

There are last times that are milestones and for a variety of reasons quite memorable, like the last day of 12thgrade or the last time you ever spoke to a loved one who passed away, but do you remember the last time you went shopping together or the last time you sat down and ate a meal? Did you consider, while doing it, that it could be the last time? Most likely not. What about the last time you rode a bicycle, went roller skating, or sat in a hot tub? Will you ever do those things again? Maybe and maybe not. Everything we do will have a last time; honestly, we probably aren’t even aware that it will be the last time while we are doing it.

You might be wondering where I am going with this. Is there a point to this story? Well, yes, there is. The point is that it is important to be conscientious and appreciative of everything you experience because it could very well be the last time, you have that experience. Take time to be fully present, and notice the way each experience feels, smells, sounds, tastes whatever it calls for, just experience it. Time is precious, it is fleeting, and we never know how much of it we have. Spend it wisely. Learn to appreciate the moment.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy what I do for people. As a professional residential cleaner, I am aware that I am allowing my clients more time to do the things that truly matter like spending precious time with their families and making meaningful memories. I love knowing that we can help people have more peace in their day. I often think about how it feels for them when they come home from work to a clean house. It has to take a load off and allow for more time to cook dinner, read to their children, give them a bubble bath, or go for a walk. These things matter and each one of these precious moments will have a last time so enjoy it, store it away in your memory, and let us take care of the dirty work!

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